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Tel Aviv based indie-folk artist Keren Ilan releases heartfelt new single “So Many Times”.

The Vietnam-born, Tel Aviv-raised indie artist has a treat in store for your Friday listening – it’s smooth, it’s sultry and it’s undeniably heartfelt. “So Many Times” is the new single from Keren Ilan, and it follows the success of her other releases of 2020 so far. It’s clear that this songwriter has years of composing under her belt, from the self-assured sound she showcases in this brand new single.

“The new tracks from my upcoming EP already felt introspective when I was writing them, but now they seem to have taken on a whole new meaning…”

“So Many Times” is taken from Keren’s forthcoming EP, Emotional Decisions, which will feature four tracks to emphasise four different eras of her life. The EP will represent both the thick-skinned, enigmatic side of Keren as well as her introspective and thoughtful side which bares all. If her latest single is anything to go by, you’re likely to hear an array of influences within the four tracks, and an emotionally intelligent and self-assured voice to walk you through it.

The music video for “So Many Times” was recorded in the grounds of a stately home in Umbria, Italy. Directed and edited in collaboration with somebody only known as Seffy, the video features gorgeous scenery and calming, muted colours as Keren explores her surroundings – artfully produced, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered the imaginary world of a teen runaway film.

Keren’s dulcet tones and musical expertise are really not to be missed – she is easily one of the most exciting new artists to be emerging from the Tel Aviv scene. Show her some love on the links below!

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