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Chelmsford indie-pop songwriter Katy for Kings releases gritty, stripped-back single 'Spiders In My Room'.

There's something special about Katy for Kings - TikTok knows it, BBC Introducing knows it, and you're about to know it too.

Despite dividing herself between two part-time jobs and a blog, Katy somehow finds time to smash her fledgling career as an artist to watch. Inspired by Baby Queen, Holly Humberstone, and Taylor Swift, her sound is uniquely easygoing and melodic, whilst embodying just a smidgen of spookiness and chaos.

'Spiders In My Room', produced by John Fields from Katy's Garageband stems, showcases the artist's powerhouse vocals and natural ability to write engaging, yet edgy lyrics. Katy and Fields add a little bit of spice with a dissonant bridge section which reflects the darkness and instability of someone who plays the villain of a few stories.

“If my mind were a zoo, insecurity would be the elephant in the room. It would be a sparkly, rainbow, roaring elephant at that.”

... Yes, Katy for Kings, you are stark raving mad. But we love you for that, so please never change.

Folks, if I can coerce you into listening to just one song today, please let this one be it!

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