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New York avant-garde producer and artist Kate Brunotts releases new single “Two Minutes”.

“Two Minutes” is actually exactly two minutes long. How cool is that?!

Kate Brunotts is a New York-based producer, songwriter and artist who has been working hard throughout lockdown and beyond to bring us music like we’ve never heard it before. “Two Minutes” is not for the Radio 1 in-crowd; the new single is better suited to those hungry for something intrinsically different, but equally as catchy.

“[The song] centers around pushing yourself as an artist and creator so much that you lose sight of the process. Sometimes I feel like I’m focused so much on getting things out that art starts to feel like a chore, which is terrifying since someday I aspire to be a professional artist.”

It’s easy to see how Kate might feel as though she’s spreading herself a little thin – featuring on several podcasts, running a YouTube channel for music production tutorials and finding time for her own music in between is a lot to handle, but “Two Minutes” proves that anything we can do, Kate can do better.

Her expert production skills are front and centre on this track which features heavily vocoded vocals in place of a typical, decipherable pop vocal – and Kate explains that the few moments of clarity intentionally represent the normalisation of becoming a workaholic. Tension builds in seconds of dissonance and resolves in angelic-sounding vocal loops against a backdrop of industrial-sounding drum samples and steady bass.

Inspired by Grimes, Lorde, Christine and the Queens and many other fabulous fxmale industry polymaths, Kate would rather carve out her own path than follow in the footsteps of others. Her creativity and work ethic is unmatched amongst her alt-electronic peers, and the future is looking incredibly bright for this young artist.

Be sure to show Kate lots of love on the links available below, because you won’t want to miss a beat of what she has yet to come…

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