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Manchester’s Jude The Obscure releases jazz, hip-hop and soul-inspired single “Strong Enough”.

Effortlessly cool is our polymath Jude The Obscure. This young songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist draws inspiration from his local music scene in South Manchester (the same scene that grew Children of Zeus, KinKai and Nina Cobham) and the jazz, hip-hop and soul sound that surrounds him. “Strong Enough” follows a string of self-releases that saw the support of BBC Introducing, his new debut single tackling the subject of resilience in the face of adversity.

“I’m especially proud of this tune. I really feel the music captured the message I was trying to get across on this one.”

Featuring a smooth brass section and intricate drum beats, “Strong Enough” is a seriously impressive first official release from this young musician. Jude’s melodic hooks pack a punch and his lyrics are in equal parts poignant and rousing. He explains that “the rhythm section maintains this aggressive, punchy feel throughout, giving the perfect underlay for an energised, driven vocal. At the same time, it still has this uplifting, almost euphoric feel to it when the chorus hits. It was a hard balance to find, but I feel it really came together in the end.”

Whilst Jude’s musical intentions may have been carefully considered, the tone this track takes is one of spontaneity, as though “Strong Enough” is the serendipitous outcome of a very productive jam session with Manchester’s finest musicians. The song’s message places emphasis on resilience and optimism, reminding us that in a world where we have to be everything to everyone, sometimes it’s enough to simply reflect on who we are and how far we’ve come. I take Jude’s message with me as I go about the remainder of a busy Sunday, and hope that you will too.

Find Jude The Obscure on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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