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London indie-folk artist JOLÉ releases homesick single “Alpine Green”.

Homesickness might just be the most bittersweet feeling known to songwriters. It’s such a potent emotion, present even when one is preoccupied with friends or snowed under with work. The lump in the homesick writer’s throat is ever-present, but the outpouring of words to paper is often unstoppable, rendering the writer as prolific as they are lonesome. It’s the perfect storm, the eye of which JOLÉ finds himself caught up in with his latest single “Alpine Green”.

“The narrative is about experiencing something beautiful or uplifting that you wish you could share with someone that can’t be there. It’s about feeling grateful in the moment, but wanting someone you love to experience it with you also.”

Not one to dwell on doleful thoughts, Joshua Oliver (the artist behind the pseudonym) takes an optimistic tone in “Alpine Green”. With a sentiment that settles patiently on the desire to share the wonders of the world with somebody he loves, melodically picked acoustic guitars and drifting, bleeping synths build an aptly daydream-like soundscape. At only two minutes and thirty seconds long, the track is the perfect embodiment of a passing thought; each lyric feels like the tiny punch-in-the-gut I get when I think of somebody I miss dearly.

JOLÉ’s time spent in LA was a blessing in what he may feel as a disguise. “Alpine Green” is the wonderful result of an artist smitten by homesickness – would it be in bad taste to declare his pain our gain? Perhaps. But here we are! This single will certainly speak to those in want of another’s company in lockdown, and Joshua Oliver is selfless to make the output of his heartache the vessel for ours.

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