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Scary Canary royalty Joe Traxler returns with his latest indie-pop single 'Empty Prayer'.

If there's one thing you can't fault, it's Joe Traxler's consistency; as prolific as he is talented, this musician's fans are very well catered for.

'Empty Prayer' is the latest offering from the Vienna native, and takes a deep dive into the theme of self-doubt. Battling between his higher self and comfort zone, Traxler's thoughtful and introspective lyrics will reveal cavernous cracks in even the strongest of egos.

"[...] My main goal in life is to be happy and feel creatively fulfilled. I wanna continue to experience magical moments in collaborations, have meaningful relationships, [and] maintain a nice balance in life in order to stay inspired."

Of course, Traxler never does anything by halves - art and music are closely aligned in his perception of the world, resulting in a music video alongside every single release. The 'Empty Prayer' visual is suitably glitchy and fast-paced, playing into the idea of fragmentation between his 'selves'. Aquariums, swimming pools, dust sheets, and bright orange hairdos; this music video has it all.

Traxler's ability to blend modern and retro so seamlessly is seldom seen amongst other artists in the genre, and you can bet that the LP due in Spring 2022 will cement his place at the top of the indie-pop ranks.

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