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Vienna-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joe Traxler releases indie-funk single 'Don't Dance'.

It's not Joe Traxler's first rodeo; millions of Spotify streams, TV performances across Germany and Austria's airwaves, and support slots for pop powerhouses such as Jade Bird and James Gillespie have seen his take on indie-pop reach all corners of the globe.

'Don't Dance' is the first single to be released from the forthcoming LP Lifelines, which is due Spring of 2022. Accompanied by a hazy music video directed by Cherie Hansson (watch below), this single documents the journey through a night out whilst 'wracked with social anxieties'. Paradoxically, the song's production possesses the sheen of indie pop, and the grit and danceability of funk. Joe Traxler effortlessly treads a line between the two genres, making 'Don't Dance' the perfect addition to most - if not all - of your playlists.

“I do music for the love of it, and [...] would like to use my privilege of doing music for a living to inspire people and to make them feel something. I personally feel most inspired by artists who don’t follow any recipes for commercial success but pursue their unique creative journey.”

Joe is a creative force to be reckoned with; unapologetic, prolific, and heaps of fun to listen to. Keep an ear out for the 'Lifelines' LP due in Spring 2022, which is set to be some of his best work yet.

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