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Californian indie-folk prodigy Jayna returns with her second single 'i don't want to!' - a charming, honest, and poignantly relatable anthem for those who resist the nine-to-five.

"It's hard out here for the class of 2020," Jayna writes - and thus I quite instantly found common ground with 'i don't want to!'.

Coming out of university last year has proven an extended trial for all involved; rising unemployment, more competition and a lack of support schemes for fresh graduates has left many of us high and dry. So we begin to wonder, whether in creeping doubt or liberated ambition: should I really be pursuing the traditional working life?

"I have very little motivation to pursue the career aspirations I thought I'd be pursuing at this age [...] I bring to you my frustrations in the form of this very honest track."

'i don't want to!' is a truly wonderful articulation of that feeling; the uneasy balance between finding freedom, and avoiding the dread that freedom brings. Especially when that dread takes the form of an office job.

Set against a dreamy summer evening backing of strummed acoustic guitar, reverbed slide guitar and distant, ethereal vocal drifts, Jayna's soothing voice tells a story of her resistance to the narrow norm. Her songwriting so deftly expresses the introspective troubles that any creative person has struggled with. The track's producer, Josh Northwood, preserved that same essence - 'i don't want to' is a song of hesitation, but also freedom and comfort in finding a purpose.

In short, this track is just so cozy - Jayna is a beautifully expressive songwriter, and among most essential new indie-folk artists out there currently. Be sure to check out her funky-folk debut single 'Renee' as well.

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