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New York City indie-rock artist Jackie Marchal releases new single 'Rhubarb Fields' as a tribute to her late grandfather.

Jackie Marchal's rich contralto tones are a welcome surprise when they're introduced thirty seconds into her new single 'Rhubarb Fields'. The introduction of jangly electric guitar chords and upbeat, rattling drums could fool the best of us into expecting an all-male guitar-band type setup, but Marchal's vocals bring an inimitable and blissful depth to the table. Your run-of-the-mill, testosterone-fuelled indie-rock boyband could never!

This tribute to Marchal's late grandfather was inspired by her time tending to his old house and the lush rhubarb patch that came with it. Each year, the rhubarb would spring up without much need for TLC, and it did so for over a century. Marchal, alongside producer John Velasquez, creates a 'psychedelic nostalgia' for previous generations, and recreates the beauty of her grandfather's rhubarb fields in sound.

Marchal's timeless songwriting style and vocal delivery evoke fond memories with loved ones, and showcase her resilience in the face of loss. Few songwriters could address such a subject with the grace and poise that Jackie Marchal does.

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