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New Zealand artist Jack Panther releases sultry new single 'Feels Right', featuring DUAL's MAURICE.

Honestly, it's surprising that Jack Panther hasn't already taken over the world. I picture him on stage with Troye Sivan, or Doja Cat, or The Weeknd, hosting the VMAs or some equally glamorous event and showing off seven jaw-dropping looks in one night - and this raises the question, have we been sleeping on Jack Panther?

The unequivocal answer to this is 'yes, we have, but no more'! The heavy 808 beats contrasted against Jack and Maurice's smooth vocals make for a completely irresistible pop tune that even the snobbiest of music nerds couldn't turn their nose up at.

“Sometimes things just don't work and you have to be honest about it. At the time I was travelling a lot, [...] and felt like I couldn't afford to be distracted by someone's fluctuating feelings. I didn't go into the session expecting to write this, it sort of poured out and I left feeling so empowered.”

'Feels Right' tells the story of heading back to your hometown and falling into old habits with an ex. Co-written by Mckenzie Comer (MCK) and production courtesy of Dan Martin, the track perfectly expresses the many confusing feelings that occur when you go back to what you thought you knew.

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