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Introspective Scottish songwriter Jack Hinks releases bluesy single “Jigsaw”.

Jack Hinks is no stranger to a good review. Neil Hilborn put it most eloquently, I think, when he spoke of Hinks; “y’all are good as f**k”. The single “Jigsaw” is his fifth so far, and he settles on a bluesy sound for it, showing off his virtuosic guitar-noodling abilities and ear for the type of harmonies that send shivers down your spine.

“‘Jigsaw’ is an exploration of growth, individuality and character. After tasking myself to write a song representing each stage of grief, I began with ‘Acceptance’ to focus on grief’s cyclical nature.”

This moody slow-burner isn’t typical of your usual singer-songwriter to release, but also possessing skills in production allows Hinks to break free from the ‘norm’ and experiment with all types of sounds and rhythms. There are hints of Latin, jazz and contemporary soul in this latest composition – it really feels like music for grown-ups, in a good way.

The focus on acceptance of grief fits snugly inside this track whose sound is cooling, but slightly off-kilter too. The song swells and subdues, much as grief does once you’ve had a few months to adjust. It sits on your chest and sort of fidgets around every so often, just to remind you that it’s there (usually at the most inopportune moments).

This might be the perfect soundtrack to dinner on a Monday evening, and there’s no doubt you’ll see the giant mechanical arcade grab-claws of Apple Music and Spotify picking this one up and dropping it into a few contemporary jazz and ‘chillout’ playlists. If you’d like to hear more from Jack Hinks, be sure to support him via the links below…

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