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Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Jack Frohlich has released his new EP 'Silver Going Grey' - the leading track of which, 'Colouring Lines' is a playful, danceable, nostalgia-laden commentary on struggling to leave behind our carefree childhood.

'We're getting pissed off Fruit Shoots' - I don't think there's a better way to evoke a powerful nostalgia trip in a young British adult than to mention Fruit Shoots. That nectar in a small purple bottle was a staple of childhood trips to the bowling alley and Year 5 packed lunches - I can remember the taste just thinking about it.

Nonetheless, I'm here to review Jack Frohlich's music, not Fruit Shoots - thankfully though, both are as talented as each other in terms of inspiring unparalleled carefree nostalgia. Jack is an absolute master of weaving British noughties adolescence culture and evocative, stirring lyric writing, creating an EP chock full of commentary on losing innocence; though he does so as a spirited celebration of the past, as opposed to the dread of the future that so often overbears us twenty-somethings.

Particularly with 'Colouring Lines' that dread of growing up is quite a central theme, but Jack emphasises the need to maintain some of our childhood jubilance lest we lose who we are. This wonderful balance is struck with his jangly, jazzy, catchy guitar chords, the lyrical themes, and an overall bedroom-pop feel - though, a creative decision that I think deserves credit, is the friendship vibes of 'Colouring Lines'. Jack writes this track more from the 'we' perspective than the 'I', whether referencing his own group of friends or people-watching another, right down to his use of layered vocals in the chorus. To me, more than anything, 'Colouring Lines' is perfectly reminiscent of hanging with your mates in the sun; and that, I think, speaks volumes to Jack Frohlich's songwriting talent.

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