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London-based folk artist Izzie Yardley releases stunning second single “I’m Still Here”.

Izzie Yardley released her debut single “Aurelia” earlier this year to rapturous acclaim from folk enthusiasts up and down the country. What began as an exploration of self-production (beyond the standard singer-songwriter’s guitar-and-vocal) has flourished into the raw and refined arrangements to be heard in Yardley’s second release, “I’m Still Here”.

There’s a very tidy link between the two singles – “Aurelia”, which dealt with death, has been succeeded by a song that discusses grief and loss. “I’m Still Here” was written and recorded in lockdown and self-produced by Izzie Yardley herself, with strings and their arrangements contributed by Nick Pini (Laura Marling, Nick Mulvey), Daniel Pini and Georgina Leach (Seasick Steve, Ethan Johns). It’s art imitating life; at the time of writing, Yardley had just lost her grandfather and would be mere days from the passing of a dear family friend. The artist offers comfort to those in similar boats…

“I find talking about grief – expressing our pain and understanding it – can help us pull through it and feel hope. Shit happens, it hurts, but you will be ok and you are not alone.”

Delicate acoustic guitar, with the addition of a stunning string arrangement, provides the backdrop for Izzie’s musings. Initially inspired by the confusion of lockdown life whilst tending to the idea of loss, her vocal is almost a spoken-word internal monologuing with moments of shining melodic clarity. This arresting account of life-as-we-now-know-it is likely to strike a chord with all who listen; Izzie Yardley makes a habit of making the complex look easy.

“It’s been a fast turn-around for me, essentially writing, recording and releasing within a couple of months. But it felt important to give it to people now, while we’re still in flux and the need for hope is immense,” the songwriter explains. Hope is the silver thread that stitches Yardley’s releases so seamlessly together – perhaps her third single will provide yet another patch in the quilt…

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