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South London singer-songwriter Isaac Snow releases new single “Run Away”.

Our Isaac’s a bit of an enigma. All we know about him is that he’s been writing for five years, pairing up with producer Ali Bla Bla in 2018 and unveiling the fruits of his labour to world in a somewhat sporadical fashion. “Run Away” is the latest apple to be plucked from the songwriter-producer team’s proverbial tree – an introspective and lamenting stream of consciousness descriptive of Isaac’s mental health.

“My songs are about battling mental health and longing for a sense of belonging. I want people to find solace in my music to know they are not alone.”

It is, by all accounts, a wonderfully simple song. This is no bad thing – I’m sure you can recall some of the biggest hits of all time which are comprised of only vocal and acoustic guitar. I catch hints of Elliot Smith and early-days Bon Iver; the latter happens to be one of Isaac’s inspirations. “Run Away” takes a ‘softly softly’ approach, never aggressive in its mission to act as a vessel for Isaac’s deepest thoughts. Instead, it’s rather a gentle catharsis for the songwriter to reveal his quietest moments with such sensitivity.

“The song is about trying to find a sense of identity in a world where we are so connected, but at the same time are so alone. It is about striving for belonging which may not exist,” Isaac explains. He succeeds in his mission to comfort listeners in a similar headspace to him, and it doesn’t strike me that he’s likely to stop there – he strives to address the most important aspects of life and support causes that truly matter to his generation. There’s more to come from this talented songwriter, and we can’t wait to hear it.

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