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Austin artist Innerkid releases dark alternative pop single “Anymore”.

The tension is palpable in Innerkid’s latest single “Anymore”. Bubbling under for just over three minutes, the track looks set to explode at any given moment…

Hailing from Austin, TX is Dawson Carroll’s and his artist project Innerkid. Building a name for himself as the writer of his intricate songs of innovative sound, he works almost entirely from the comfort of his own bedroom. “Anymore” is the slow-burning new single that sees Dawson eschew a toxic relationship with a firm hand, featuring choppy, close vocals and sparse instrumentation. His lyrics point out the flaws in this relationship in no uncertain terms; “You’ve got quite a lot of problems / You can’t figure out how to solve them / Let’s not be friends anymoe.”

“It’s a look into my mind as I contemplated a relationship that was dragging me down rather than building me up. It can be very difficult to objectively think about your own life. Especially when you get emotionally attached to people or things, then it’s twice as hard. This song allowed me to break it down into different parts so that I could process it a little better.”

“Anymore” in its entirety reads as a stream of consciousness – a convincing of Carroll’s self to leave the toxicity behind for good. Hard-hitting and honest beyond comprehension, Innerkid’s music borders on the experimental, and I am living for it. If you love his latest single, you’ll love “I Lied” too – in fact, you’ll love every song on his Spotify page.

Everything Dawson Carroll touches turns to gold. Didn’t you know?

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