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London alt-folk artist ilonalowe returns with her second single of the Spring, 'Someday' ; a gorgeous, swaying, nostalgic evocation of the release of grief.

A month ago I sat down with ilonalowe to discuss her previous single 'Once Again' , which was not only championed by us here at Scary Canary, but also received radio and podcast play across the UK, as well as many more lovely written words - even so far as being applied to classical philosophy ("to quote Aristotle: 'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit' - ilonalowe has hit that proverbial nail on the head." - InTune).

With the release of 'Someday', ilonalowe has - quite remarkably - topped the timeless introspection and tranquility of her previous work. Perhaps I'm simply a massive sucker for the nostalgia-laden barking of seagulls (the song opens and closes with the sound of a flock of gulls - I didn't just insult ilonalowe), but for lack of a better description, this track makes me feel truly 'at home'. To feel some peace looking out over a shore-village dock, which glistens in emerging sunlight and groans with post-storm relief.

It's a similar theme which ilonalowe cites as the meaning of 'Someday'. She writes:

'I’m not very good at processing my emotions, it’s not usually until six months after some kind of emotionally intense event that I let it catch up with me. Then I have a miserable few weeks embroiled in a miniature breakdown - feeling completely at sea - but once the storm is over, I get this amazing hit of freedom. That’s how I wanted ‘Someday’ to feel.'

This track was somewhat of an experiment for ilonalowe; she maintained the demo's laptop-recorded vocals after being encouraged to do so by her peers, and crafted 'Someday'

around that warm, reflective tone alongside co-producer Joe Green. The outcome is a truly evocative track - one that quite instantly conjures the listener's place of comfort, and is absolutely worthy of your attention. Especially if you love seagulls.

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