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Milton Keynes indie-rock quintet Hounds Haul release anthemic new single 'Silver Shoal'.

Hounds Haul have always had an electric energy about them, even in their earlier pre-pandemic days - BBC Radio have been fans from the off, and this certainly isn't the first time I've written about their music.

The five-piece, who were brought together by frontman Adam Bosworth back in 2019, continue to thrill in 2021 with a sound that is thrilling, sophisticated, and perfectly suited to being played very loudly in a room full of excessively sweaty, beer-y people. Ah, the British music scene! How have I missed you? Let me count the ways...

In fact, let Hounds Haul count the ways - 'Silver Shoal' is, in fact, the culmination of all the elements of live music that the band members missed during the pandemic. As lockdown eased and we all began to creep cautiously out of our depression pits for a music-induced hit of serotonin, the band needed to channel their love for chaotic, shouty, and smokey nights out into song; et voila, a banger is born.

If you're a fan of Foals, Blossoms, or Sundara Karma, you're gonna love these guys. 'Silver Shoal' is the perfect addition to any indie-rock playlist, and may well have you itching to book tickets to one of this band's live shows before the first listen is even over.

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