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NEW MUSIC: Greg Bounce - Fear That Love

Lisbon-based art pop newcomer Greg Bounce releases easygoing single 'Fear That Love'.

There's a charming introversion to Greg Bounce's vocal, sort of like a gentle gravitational pull. Its understated nature doesn't so much demand your attention as encourage it, like a little elbow-nudge to your side which urges you to listen up. And when you do tune in - when you really process the words your ears are fed - boy, is it worth your while.

'Fear That Love' is fiercely imaginative in its storyline; it's 2050, the world has almost (quite literally) reached boiling point, and we're at a wedding in Basildon. The happy-ish couple are rushing to tie the knot before 'the cake combusts, the guests expire and the planet meets its fiery end'. *Gulp*.

But behind the environmental armageddon is an uplifting tune, inspired by metronomic art pop and euphonic electronica. And this is a combination that works, and I am not questioning it. I am happy here at this wedding, with a severe case of heatstroke and a glass of Whispering Angel. The maid of honour has melted and become one with a bouquet. Standard.

Slightly disturbing visual imagery aside, 'Fear That Love' makes for an easygoing listen appropriate for almost any mood or situation. Electric guitars flourish whenever they so choose, and vocal harmonies layer themselves in very pleasing arrangements - in short, it's a joy to listen to, and whether you choose to be perturbed by the climate emergency warning is - well - listener's choice.

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