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Boston dream-pop prodigy Frances Baker has released her debut self-titled EP, with the supremely smooth track 'BMD' at its fore.

Standing for 'Bringing Me Down', this track's title has a twofold influence. Firstly, the lyrical matter itself deals eloquently with the escape from a toxic situation. In her articulate conversational tone, she sings 'Wish I could stay and speak / I don't have the words, now it's bringing me down'.

Secondly, this track is so deftly smooth and funky that the listener has barely any choice but to sit back in their chair, close their eyes and gently bop along to Frances' soulful voice and production; 'bringing me down', but in that constructive, relaxing manner. In fact, she puts it better than I can:

"Perfect for long drives, getting ready, or sinking into bed."

Taking influence from soul legends like Erykah Badu and Aretha Franklin, all the way up to contemporary alternative R&B, pop and hip-hop heavyweights Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator, Frances has nigh-on perfected the blend of sounds that make her distinctively textured dream-pop so infectious.

Frances writes that, after having spent so long writing music for various bands, her new EP is the first set of songs that she felt she could truly put her name on. After seeking out her producer's assistance in assembling the tracks, he told her "no, you are a producer, you just need to get better." Thus, 'Frances Baker' the EP was born, with truly impressive attention to detail and rhythmic intricacies. 'BMD' features alternately-mixed 80s-style drums, the elaborate core of the track's funk, with glittering synth flourishes and a chopped-up sample of the chorus' vocals interweaving through the background.

Whether you're someone who enjoys picking apart a track's intricacies, or you simply like to go on a vibey ride, 'BMD' is one that you don't want to miss.

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