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I’m lucky enough to have attended a Foreign Affairs gig on more than one occasion – Bristolian brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell possess a stage presence that goes unmatched by many of their Americana-pop contemporaries. The duo’s previous releases have embodied this larger-than-life onstage persona, but not to the extent that new single “One Minute” does. With passionate vocals, dark melodies and crystal clear production, Foreign Affairs return with new vigour, looking likely to take their side of the industry by storm.

“We like writing catchy, uplifting festival type songs, but with the music we grew up listening to it’s also really important that we draw on the harder hitting things in life.

Although less than two minutes long, “One Minute” packs a punch that’ll knock you for six. The song is saturated with the duo’s authentic selves, notes of their biggest influences (Johnny Cash, The Lumineers and Kings of Leon) present throughout. Foreign Affairs are among the strongest storytellers of modern-day Americana, their lyrics gripping, vocal delivery guttural and emotive, and expert production sympathetic to building tension behind the words.

“One Minute” is a volcano that just might erupt at any second – perhaps a suitable metaphor for a song that looks likely to crack open the rest of this band’s career. This is just the beginning for Foreign Affairs…

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