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New York post-punk artist Fat Trout Trailer Park releases anarchic single “Wendigo”.

Sean Raab, the man behind the magic of Fat Trout Trailer Park, thinks differently. Whether we’re talking about postmodernism, anarchy or punk revival, Fat Trout Trailer Park touts them all in “Wendigo”, the project’s third release of 2020. “Wendigo” follows little structure; each section is like a sub-heading in some disenchanted economics professor’s PowerPoint presentation, but it’s accessible to pop-lovers and hardened anticapitalist theorists alike.

“The Wendigo is described as a monster with some characteristics of a human or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous. Its influence is said to invoke acts of murder, insatiable greed and cannibalism.”

The use of the Wendigo, a mythological creature said to have originated from the folklore of a tribe in Nova Scotia, in comparison to today’s Western society couldn’t be more apt. Sean Raab plays on the Wendigo’s ability to make humans do terrible things, in an interpretation of how future generations might think music of the past sounds like – a glimpse into what kind of society made this mess in the first place.

For fans of Tame Impala gone bad or Death Grips in their naughty teenager phase, “Wendigo” lulls us into a false sense of security with hushed vocals over a polite guitar arrangement before throwing us into a whirlpool of electric current, tribal drums and aggressively punchy rhythms. If you can catch the lyrics, they’re worth listening out for – they provide an introspective view into Sean Raab’s dystopian world.

In true Scary Canary style, I am at least a month behind on the uptake. Fat Trout Trailer Park have since released two further singles, “Salt” and “Dirty Hands“, exploring other such subjects you might otherwise not have given much thought. Check those out whilst you give FTTP a follow on the links below…

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