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DIY singer-songwriter Erika Severyns releases contemplative new single “Daytime Sleeper”.

Erika Severyns never felt particularly rooted to one place. A move from Russia to Belgium when she was a child left her feeling torn between homes, so when she missed the bus back whilst on a trip to London in 2018, London became her new home. She cites music and people as the reasons she chose to stay in this rainy old city, soon moving into a hostel, booking her first gig and beginning a new life.

“It is and isn’t a breakup song – it’s about that feeling of emptiness when someone leaves and you feel like they have taken everything you had with them.”

“Daytime Sleeper” is the introspective new single from the nomadic songwriter, exploring love and loss in depth. Only available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, Erika’s presence on streaming platforms may be elusive (and for good reason – I’m sure Music Business Worldwide has all the reading material on this that you could ever ask for), but once you find her, you’ll be likely to stick around.

“It was recorded and mixed by myself in my bedroom, but my cellist Sam Creer sent me a recording of his cello made on GarageBand with his iPhone, and Archie Wheen was so kind as to record some lovely piano and send me the stems,” Erika explains of the DIY recording process. Where lockdown forced many artists into tricky corners, Erika made the best of her situation by bunkering down to write this heart-on-sleeve confessional of days gone by.

The sensitive lyrics are said to explain “that first couple of days (or weeks, if you’re me) [after a breakup] when you feel absolutely numb and you’re afraid you’ve forgot how to feel, and you think the only person who could save you is the person that did that to you in the first place.” Raw emotion is palpable in Erika’s gentle vocal delivery and tenderly plucked guitar strings. The cello and piano also featuring on “Daytime Sleeper” pull together a simple yet brilliantly effective bed for Erika’s poetic musings.

For fans of indie folk and acoustic music, “Daytime Sleeper” must not be slept on! Be sure to show Erika some love on the links below if you’ve got her new single on repeat…

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