• Max Burt


Multifaceted, mysterious, atmospheric London artist Erawan has released her third single 'Touch Me' - a wonderfully haunting track that speaks on forbidden desire.

This track is entrancing. There is something deeply soulful - even spiritual - about its sparse instrumentation, woven between flourishes of crashing cymbals, reverberating piano chords and Erawan's emotive, impassioned voice.

'Spiritual' seems like an appropriate description to me, considering how 'Touch Me' is largely led by Erawan's choral vocals - further vocal layers and instrumentation follow her lead, somewhat reminiscent of a theistic chant. Even the moniker 'Erawan' is borrowed from the Thai name for the three-headed elephant said to represent the Hindu gods Brahma the creator, Vishnu the keeper and Mahesh the destroyer. In speaking about this, Erawan writes:

'Growing from Hattie Marsh into Erawan means also accepting that the three gods, the creator, keeper and destroyer, are part of her as an artist.'

And thus, Erawan introduces a far deeper meaning to her songwriting, further adding to her existing mystery and intrigue. 'Touch Me' is an ode to the moral battle of desiring someone else while already in a relationship - to reflect back on Erawan's mythology, the struggle between creation of new love/lust, the keeping of the present situation, and the destruction of old love/lust.

Erawan evokes this story, and her characteristic poetic lyricism fantastically - the track is haunting, atmospheric and charming in its assembly. 'Touch Me' straddles the line between folk and grunge, and fits into a genre that I could only label as ghost-pop; eerie, ethereal, but also catchy and emotive.

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