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Folk-pop artist Emma Miller steps out of the shadows to release the masterful single “Honey”.

With all the warmth of an indulgent hot chocolate on a chilly autumn afternoon, Emma Miller soothes the soul in “Honey”. This marks the folk-pop songwriter’s second single of 2020 and her most popular track to date, having amassed tens of thousands of streams in the short month it’s been available for our ears to listen to.

“It began as a cathartic release following a break-up, but getting some space and distance from that time in my life I can now hear that the lyric is relevant to so many different contexts outside of a typical romantic relationship.”

Emma tentatively addresses the breakdown of a relationship to the backdrop of roomy piano, lush electric guitars and a drumkit that sounds as though it has only just rolled out of bed (in the best way possible). Its brushed cymbals add a touch of sparkle to melancholy melodies, but perhaps the most special element of “Honey” is Emma’s own voice which navigates the tune with ease – heartbreaking and comforting all at once.

Up in Scotland, Emma looks after her dog, Gracie, and studies psychology to fill the time not otherwise spent writing beautiful songs. She credits the realisation that music needn’t pay her bills in order to be enjoyable for reigniting her love of songwriting, and explains that her collaboration with producer Blanca Romeo (of Odina fame) saw the creation of “Honey” become less a cathartic love-gone-wrong reverie, and more an uplifting experience to share with good friends.

“Honey” has already found its way onto my Autumn favourites, and I’m sure it’ll appear on yours too – if you love Emma Miller’s work, be sure to follow her on the links below.

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