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Nashville songwriter Emily Gurklis releases melancholic second single 'Waiting on the Rain'.

We all do it - when things are going well, we get suspicious and wonder when it's all going to go Pete Tong. Why can't we just have nice things?!

That's the feeling that Emily Gurklis encapsulates perfectly in her thoughtful and melancholic new indie-folk single. Written from her home in Florida and recorded in Nashville, this Americana-tinged track is gentle and warm. There is an essence of understanding expressed within Gurklis' lyrics which feels like a hearty hug from a close friend.

"On occasion [...] I find myself wondering if something bad is going to happen soon like I'm 'overdue' for misfortune. [...] However, if I've thought those things, I'm sure others have too. And I really think the purpose behind writing music is to make others feel less alone - I hope this song does that."

As a songwriter with more experience helping other artists to express themselves than releasing her own music, Emily Gurklis is yet to be discovered by the masses. With such honest and emotive singles as 'Waiting on the Rain' though, it won't be long before she's taking over the world. Move over, Adele!

Gurklis will be releasing more music next year, so give her a follow to ensure you stay up to date.

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