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Des Moines duo Elison release their indie-rock debut single 'Meet Me Halfway'.

Marissa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura's serendipitous meeting during the pandemic seems to have resulted in a collaboration that looks to last the ages.

In 2020, and after twenty years of hesitation, Kephart finally decided to pick up a guitar in her newfound free time. 'Meet Me Halfway' was the first demo to make it to Yoshimura's studio, where he contributed his production wisdom to Kephart's extraordinary songwriting skills, resulting in a debut that is set to take over the indie-rock universe.

“I’m a bit of an optimist and I often find myself staying in relationships far longer than they deserve. The realization to move on takes time but when it does there’s a sense of empowerment in the awareness...”

Emotional maturity meets a youthful sound inspired by Big Thief and My Bloody Valentine in this powerhouse of a track. Guitars chug along with unparalleled resolve next to Kephart's assured vocal, making for a unique sound that may well skyrocket Elison to the top of their game. This duo is certainly one to watch.

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