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Bristolian alternative electro-pop artist EINSAM releases debut single “Pressing Matters”.

A little eccentricity is always welcome on a dull Thursday morning. EINSAM (meaning lonely, or literally ‘onesome’ in German) is the project of Sam Jackson that pushes all the right buttons and pulls all the right levers. “Pressing Matters” was written during a three-year stint in fair Vienna, following on the theme of ‘onesome-ness’ with a focus on a desire for physical closeness…

“[Pressing Matters] is about the importance of touch and pressure and feels apt for a time when we can’t get close.”

The instrumental operates like heavy machinery; if you listen closely enough, you might hear great hydraulic presses and huge steel joists sounding amongst industrial furnaces and metal saws. Perhaps not literally, but if you were to close your eyes you might well imagine yourself stood in a huge warehouse beside EINSAM welding copper and silver and operating forklifts.

It’s an unorthodox link to make – industrial machinery versus human touch – but it works, and I’m sure I’m not just making it all up. Repetitive mention of manmade materials in the lyrics combined with the steely sheen of the production cannot just be a happy accident. Sam Jackson gives little away, and I’m hard-pressed to comment on the juxtaposition of the sharp-edged sound against the gentler, soft-round-the-edges subject matter, but one thing I am sure of is how immensely enjoyable a listen “Pressing Matters” is.

For all the song’s mystery, it defines EINSAM’s sound from the word ‘go’. To enter the industry with such assertiveness and originality will see this artist go far, and gain many an evangelical fan along the way. I crown thee, ‘King of Industro-pop’.

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