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Bristolian indie-rock artist Einsam releases first single 'At Eye Level' from the forthcoming Semantics EP.

Here's some trivia for you - 'einsam' in German means solitary or 'one-some'. Sam Jackson saw an opportunity and he took it! As someone of that name who wrote music on his own whilst living in Vienna for four years, Einsam is about as suitable a moniker as you'll ever get.

Inspired by Tom Vek and LCD Soundsystem, his latest single 'At Eye Level' consists of glitching guitar sounds, pounding drums, and vocals that speak more than they sing. Teaming up with producer Adam 'Cecil' Bartlett (PJ Harvey, Ed O'Brien) upon his arrival back in Bristol, the pair created a piece of music so phenomenally unique that even the most pernickety curator would struggle to categorise its genre. You've got the indie, Foals-like bassline in the first verse, which gets swapped out for bleeping electronica synths mid-song, and eventually descends into post-punk chaos towards the track's end - I feel dizzy, but in a good way.

"A song about representation, 'At Eye Level' looks at the way we view the world and the way we appear to others."

If you're looking to understand Einsam a little better (and I feel like you might need to, after having your brain fried by this single), you should check out the 'Travelling Squad' playlists on his Spotify profile. As much as I love 'At Eye Level', listening without context may feel overwhelming, but these curated playlists provide just that. Get to know him!

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