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Halifax indie-rock duo EEVAH release explosive new single 'Take Me To Bed'.

Nicole Hope Smith and Richard McNamara continue their four-year-strong artist journey with renewed vigor; their latest single, 'Take Me To Bed', is a fast n' furious anthem for your inner manic pixie dream girl.

The duo got productive over the UK's various lockdowns, selling out live-streamed shows and inadvertently teaching their fans all the lyrics to their songs in the process. With melodies this catchy, it's no wonder EEVAH's audiences picked up the words with such ease.

"We aimed at forever and missed / I saw cupid snap our arrow with his fist"

EEVAH eloquently express love-gone-wrong sentiments in a way that is far from cliché; instead, they put the song into sport mode with a tempo most commonly used for drum n' bass music, bringing a pervasive sense of fervent frustration to the fore.

If you want to catch EEVAH's explosive sounds live, you're in luck! The duo are playing various dates around the North of England throughout October - find tickets here, and keep an eye out for their forthcoming EP.

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