• Max Burt


Bristol-based alt-rock trio Echo Hotel have released their brand new single 'Hangers On' - a cinematic, looming, atmospheric depiction of an unwelcome afters.

Describing a very early morning where he went back to his brother's house after a night out, guitarist and vocalist Ed Hambly returned to familiar rooms full of strangers, all either passed out and sweating on the sofas, spilling drinks on the carpets, or stumbling into valuable equipment. Painting a vivid picture, Ed says:

"He'd not met most of them before [...] but here they all were, trampling all over his stuff and asking him who he was and if he knew where the toilet was. This theme of alienation and discomfort in your own home has stuck with me for years.

God, that hits home for me - the university nights where you're just not feeling it, but everyone else is. Going to bed in futile lethargy while friends of friends of friends squawk outside both your door and your window, just hoping that someone else will deal with it, and that you'll have your home - your security, and calm - back come morning.

'Hangers On' manifests that mixed-up feeling of 4am daze and exasperated anxiety incredibly well - to identify, capture and evoke such a specific, uncommon but desperately intense feeling of alienation and discomfort is remarkable, and speaks to Echo Hotel's wonderful songwriting ability. These guys are producing some of the best new alt-rock I've heard in a long while; utilising not only Ed's dreamy guitar and soaring falsetto, not only drummer Jack Holliday and bassist James Waldron's tight intriciate rhythm section, but also featuring an exuberant woodwind arrangement performed by James Storm and dynamic production by Jonathan Segar.

Also, before finishing this review up, I want to give a shoutout to the track's outro. Excuse me? Is that a funky cinematic irregular rhythm, performed impeccably tightly by all members of the band? One of the most satisfying sign-offs I've heard? You know, I think it is.

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