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London based dark-pop songwriter Diascia releases brooding new single “Radiant”.

Diascia – born in South Africa, but currently based in London – is the true ‘Dark Pop Storyteller’. Her music tells tales of love, loss and everything in between with her slightly spooky sensibilities. Her sophomore release, “Radiant”, was created in collaboration with producer Rory Smith, and features influence from the likes of Kate Bush, Björk and Grimes.

“Anyone can relate to the protagonist. Anyone can feel the pain and solitude yet find comfort in the music that supports it. It’s a familiar tale most have experienced, including myself.”

“Radiant” is the product of a polymath, who practises poetry, journalism and novel-writing in her spare time. Diascia’s intensely multifaceted nature flows through into her songwriting, taking elements of indie pop, synth pop and darkwave to create a sound entirely of her own. A tale of love and pain – the emotion is palpable from Diascia’s sensitive lyrics, telling the story of a relationship that is not as it might seem.

The songwriter recognises the relatable nature of her tale, and encourages the listener to feel through the use of her wonderful wordmithery combined with Rory Smith’s swirling production. The future is very bright for this talented young artist, so be sure to show her some love on the links below if “Radiant” is making it to your playlists…

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