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Irish and Brazilian Electronic Pop duo Darkroom Data release highly anticipated new single 'Fall With You'.

Gillian NoVa and Márcio Paz have returned with their second single 'Fall With You', following the Hypemachine success of their debut 'Hydrogen'.

The new release is brooding and sultry, with NoVa's trademark unique vocal delivery, smooth basslines and warm synths making it the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive through the city.

"'Fall With You' invites you to a dance floor tragedy where people don't know how they feel, but they want to be there…"

The lyrics paint a picture that is almost reminiscent of an arthouse film; the chaos of the night, the headiness of the following morning, and the swirling lights and colours that fill in the blanks. There is no escaping the cinematic nature of Darkroom Data's sound - a naturally occuring phenomenon of NoVa and Paz's working relationship, which is uncovering new electronic pop music fans across the globe.

Be sure to follow this duo on their journey to the top of the Hypemachine charts (for a second time) - and beyond.

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