• Max Burt


Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Israel-based alternative folk-pop artist Daniel Netz has released her debut single 'To the Valley Below' from her upcoming EP - a serene, entrancing first release, with a beautiful music video to accompany.

We're rounding off Scary Canary's first month back with, definitively, one of my favourite tracks of the year so far.

For a debut release, Daniel Netz feels like she's been on the scene for years now. Listening to 'To the Valley Below' is such a comfortable experience, between its gentle waltz-like rhythm, brushed drums, and Daniel's tranquil timbre.

The track was borne of Daniel's anxiety, and the self-dialogue she engages in to mitigate it. She writes that:

"I've painted a better place for myself. A burden free, pure utopian world. No sadness, nor fear. Not even happiness. A clean slate. As human beings, we are capable of creating our own idea of 'reality' [...] It’s about changing our perspective, realising that the only true human power is the power of choice.”

She is right that each of us has our own 'valley below' - a mental state, or happy place, wherein we can journey to in order to find that "clean slate" we so often crave. What makes 'To the Valley Below' so powerful, then, is Daniel's emotive ability to manifest the carriage that takes us there. The track is so peaceful, so dreamy, so evocative of nature and gentle warmth, that I find myself getting lost within Daniel's soundscape whenever I attempt to pick out its details. That's a wonderful thing!

The music video for 'To the Valley Below' has generated attention, and rightfully so - Daniel, her producer Yogev Glusman (iogi), and her visual team created a truly beautiful four-minute piece of artwork that I highly recommend you watch.

To keep up to date with Daniel Netz, follow her on social media:

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