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London singer-songwriter Chris Pidsley releases Summery single “Cinnamon”.

“Cinnamon” is a fantastic name for a song. There’s not a single soul in the world who doesn’t love a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on a hot chocolate, or folded through a freshly baked pastry, I’m convinced of it! Chris Pidsley’s single is equally as warm and comforting as its spicy namesake, easygoing and gentle on the ears.

“I want to make music that I would listen to and go, ‘Oh – I wish I wrote that!'”

Chris is a master of sonic simplicity. You know a song is seriously strong when it can stand up with just a guitar, a vocal, a bass and some drums as its foundation, and “Cinnamon” is the perfect example. Chris notes that the track is written about the exciting early days of a new relationship; it captures the feeling of kissing somebody for the first time. The upbeat melody conjures images of Chris as a little dog happily bouncing through a field of tall grass, and one can only hope there are no sneaky adders slithering away underneath his feet to spoil the fun.

There’s a hopefulness in the wistful lyrics that gives this song its Jack Johnson-esque charm (although Chris might appreciate references made to a more current inspiration such as Rex Orange County or Tom Misch), and it makes for the perfect A-side to the “Cinnamon” double-single. “Berryhead” is the B-side that follows, equally as laidback in tone, but much more melancholic.

Chris expresses every corner of his psyche in the double-single, and endears us all to his deepest musings in the process. Keep up with his future releases, you won’t want to miss them.

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