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Chino the Kid - Malaysian/English by birth, raised in the Middle East, and currently residing in Sweden - invokes his worldly influences in this sophisticated, mellow, and thoughtful debut single.

Joshua Ng - the man behind the moniker - wrote, assembled and recorded 'Patience', as well as his upcoming EP of the same name, almost entirely on an old Technics U-60; a Hammond-style organ that he bought second-hand for €20. In discussing the shaky, aged instrument, and how its capricious temperament means that no song it produces sounds exactly the same, Joshua poetically writes:

'There’s something about the duct taped buttons and precariously-soldered cables that made each note feel like it could be the last one left in the dying instrument.'

It is indeed poetic, then, that this dying instrument has given so much spirit to 'Patience', and vice versa. Joshua's delicate utilisation brings a distinctive sage wisdom to the track - we feel implored to simply sit back, and listen to the contemplative tales that he and his Technics U-60 tell. There is a profound maturity and thoughtfulness that permeates its six minutes, as Joshua's low, smooth vocals compliment the drifting chords, interpolated around a stirring soul organ solo.

If you can't already tell, I love this track. For a debut single, Chino the Kid has demonstrated his mastery of songwriting, all throughout with an air of humility, sophistication and earnestness. His lyrics are fantastic, illustrative with an old-school flair, telling a reflective story of losing patience with an ex-partner. 'Patience' is one of those tracks that gets better with every subsequent listen, as you gradually unpack Joshua's tale and the quirks of his Technics U-60. Lend yourself the chilled-out weekend you deserve, and set the tone right with this song.

To keep up to date with Chino the Kid (I will be), follow him on social media:

Instagram / Bandcamp

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