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Alt-country artist Chantel Van T is on a roll with latest releases “Rumble and Crawl” and “Come To Me”.

Chantel Van T’s sultry vocal delivery combined with soaring strings and resonant guitars is really a sound to behold. Her latest single “Come To Me” is a delicate ode to weathering the storm of love, and Chantel places her desires at the centre of this heart-on-sleeve account. Honest and raw, her sound is addictive and vulnerable, defined (in recording for a forthcoming album) over two summers in a Berlin studio.

Also being an actress, Chantel Van T could easily put on a persona for her first solo music venture; she could be whoever she wants to be. However, “Come To Me” and its predecessor “Rumble and Crawl” are completely disarmingly real. I really feel that, if I were to meet Chantel in person, she would possess the same commanding and powerful energy that she emits in the form of song.

Reminiscent of Mazzy Star with its languid vocal and lap steel sound wailing away in the background, “Rumble and Crawl” came to fruition in Denmark during the solstice. Sat alone by a fire on the beach, this song poured out of Chantel and now pours into our ears in its final form, like liquid silk.

“The song asks questions about someone seeing you fully. Falling in love with the idea of someone rather than recognizing the whole. The song offers glimpses into me as a person. It touches on one of the themes of the album, the illusion of love, asking what redamancy truly means.”

The aforementioned album, Nicalochan, will soon be available for mass consumption – and consume it wholly, I shall! For the time being, you’ll have to keep a close eye on Chantel’s social media for further news, and save these two new singles to all of your playlists…

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