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Electronic pop extravaganza Catt McCreary releases catchy new single “Hardball”.

Who’s up for pissing off an ex-boyfriend, then? I always am, and it would appear that Catt McCreary is too, with her new single “Hardball” chock-full of more sly digs and cutting one-liners than you could shake a stick at. If it’s a good comeback you’re after, Catt’s got plenty in this fun and frenzied electro-pop bop! Take your pick – will it be “not sure what you’re mad for, but I know that I’m mad bored”? Or are you more of a “you keep playing hardball, but I’m not into games” type?

Since releasing her first single in 2014, Catt has been working hard to define her sound and hone her songwriting skills. It might have been six years in the making, but we still weren’t ready for the huge track that is “Hardball”. Not only does she have a badass voice, but Catt is also a multi-instrumentalist with years of experience under her belt, despite her youth.

“Hardball” and its clever witticisms are such brilliant fun to listen to when you’re feeling a little scorned – Catt McCreary is the champion of dusting herself off and coming back stronger after one of life’s more tumultuous relationships ends. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and no matter the occasion, you’re guaranteed to be dancing along to “Hardball” by the end of the night.

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