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Dutch beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist Camille Antoni release debut hip-hop single 'L.U.N.A.', featuring collaborator Pete Philly.

This is one hell of a debut - a casual meeting of minds between friends Camille Antoni and Pete Philly has resulted in an intense, searching, and dynamic track.

Antoni plays with dissonance in his production which features fuzzy synthesizers and heavy drum beats, reflecting the frustrated state of both artists at the time of recording. Written and produced without much of a plan for its future, 'L.U.N.A.' is very much a 'happy accident'. The acronym, in this case, stands for biblical quote 'lead us not astray' - a cry for the redemption of our world during the COVID-19 and climate crises.

"Financial inequality continues to grow and governments all over the world are each struggling with their own issues. L.U.N.A. is about having the knowledge and bravery to make the difficult but correct choices in order to make things better.”

Antoni is no stranger to the music industry, but his extensive and impressive experience does not undermine how special it feels to be one of the first few thousand to hear this new sound. Philly's expert performance perfectly matches the pace, energy, passion, and sophistication of Antoni's production.

If you weren't a hip-hop fan before, you're about to be. Trust me, just listen.

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