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Las Vegas pop artist Blake Wisner announces his arrival with a feel-good debut single 'OTW'.

If you hadn't guessed it from the (almightily catchy) hook, 'OTW' is an acronym for 'on the way' - and after beginning his journey in music six years ago, we can confirm that Blake Wisner is indeed on his way. Up, that is.

All those years spent pouring over a laptop have paid off with Wisner's debut release, unleashed unto the world just shy of two weeks ago and already picking up some impressive hype. The Las Vegas artist takes influence from Mac Miller and Anderson Paak to create a chill-pop sound that will have all the filthy longboarders out on SoCal streets in their thousands.

"'OTW' is about being 'on the way' to stardom and fame and glory or just big things ahead in the future."

A person of fairly few words, Wisner would rather walk the walk than talk the talk; being the producer, songwriter, performer, mixing and mastering engineer of your music (as well as that of many other artists) can't leave you much spare time for chit-chat, I suppose. This debut single is the perfect example of what Wisner is all about; self-belief, good vibes, and working hard to get what you deserve out of life.

At less than two minutes long, this track is of its time and will be beloved by those with little-to-no concentration spans. If it's infectious melodies and relentless positivity that you're after, 'OTW' is gonna be your kind of song.

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