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London-based alternative indie-pop trio Arliston release delicate ballad 'Mountaineer'.

This isn't the first time Arliston have graced our blog, and it surely won't be the last if they keep this up...

Basically, forget everything you thought you knew about this London trio. Long gone are the pounding drums and the commanding presence of their earlier single 'Centre'; this time, Arliston opt for a delicate, unfussy, and ambient sound. What hasn't changed, however, is the band's intrinsically enchanting sound. There's just something about them...

“Mountaineer was one of those rare little gems where everything just fell into place immediately. [...] This song is about facing the moment, that decision of whether to save yourself by cutting someone loose, and the guilt you feel for making that decision.”

The lyrics were inspired by the Kevin Macdonald film Touching The Void, a poignant story of two climbers who face a terrible 'Sophie's Choice' kind of dilemma. I haven't seen it myself, but listening to 'Mountaineer' made me feel as though I had. It seems like the type of film I would cry very much at, because I am a wuss - the type of wuss who cries at Christmas TV ads and footballers hugging each other.

Arliston's sound in 'Mountaineer' is reminiscent of Bon Iver and Damien Rice, although it is no carbon copy. The band have an x-factor that they turn up to eleven on every work they release, which makes their music totally inimitable and surely destined for worldwide popularity.

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