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London indie electro-pop trio Arliston release emotive new single 'Centre'.

Jordi, Jack, and George each have their musical inspirations from metal to indie, so it follows that beautifully unique sounds are made when the three put their clever heads together.

'Centre' is the latest single from the trio who are unafraid of experimenting with genre; synthetic bleeps and pads meet upright piano and folky vocals. Stop-start rhythms give the track its off-road feeling, conjuring images of rugged rural landscapes contrasted by the blinking lights of a cityscape in the distance.

"'Centre' is a song about getting your priorities wrong and subsequently having to sacrifice something precious. [...] The identity of the ‘Centre’ is still very much “Arliston” at its core, but the fresh approach and bold textures took the project to an entirely new place that we were surprised and delighted to arrive at."

Fans of The National, Bon Iver, and old-school Jack Garratt will love this new direction from Arliston. Given the popularity of their 2020 releases, 'Centre' is surely set to bring this band to new heights, appealing to an ever-broadening selection of music fans across the globe.

Discover 'Centre' on our playlists; Scary Canary: Top of the Bops and Scary Canary: Alt Rising.

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