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The brilliantly unique ANNNA releases indie-pop bop “Silver Spoons”.

Latvian-Dutch indie-pop singer and producer ANNNA is an indie-pop pro. “Silver Spoons” is an honest expression of how this artist sees the world, with lyrics that flow like a stream of consciousness juxtaposed by rigid beats and neatly layered, punchy gang vocals.

“Silver Spoons” is telling of ANNNA’s childhood experiences, and bites back at the idea of materialism and conformity. This non-conformist attitude is embedded within the new single, which features heavy basslines and chanting gang vocals layered around witty chorus hooks. The accompanying music video is wonderfully quirky, following the story of a young person in a blue suit with wings of netting and a bright red chest; he dances as though he is a bird of paradise amongst a mischief of magpies.

Symbolic in all its splendour, “Silver Spoons” is a triumph. ANNNA looks set to take over 2020 with a host of cool and catchy tracks we’ve yet to hear. Psst! There have been murmurings of an EP in November. Pass it on!

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