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Melbourne indie-pop rising star Anna Leeworthy releases stirring new single 'Sirens'.

Anna Leeworthy may look like a newcomer with only two singles under her belt, but the versatile songwriter has already seen successes that most fledgling artists could only dream of.

With her debut single 'Misfits' landing placements on New Music Friday playlists, and established artist Tones And I acting as backing vocalist for her gigs to audiences 15,000 strong, it's hard to deny that there is something special about Leeworthy.

The latest single, 'Sirens', soars and stirs with arpeggiated synths intertwined with wistful vocals. Leeworthy explains the sentiment;

'Sirens' is a desperate cry for help. Unable to find love due to [a mythological Siren's] inherit nature to kill, [this track] is designed to make you feel something again.

The evocative lyrics and production make for a truly cinematic listening experience that is not to be missed by any indie-pop fan. Keep a keen eye on Anna Leeworthy - pretty soon she'll be climbing her way to the top.

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