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Canadian alternative indie-rock artist Alexander Saint releases brooding single “The Light”.

Slowly but surely, the sound of the early naughties is creeping back into today’s pop music. Artists such as Beabadoobee and Lower Dens have been regurgitating stylistic elements of the 90s all over their most recent releases, but the time has come for millennial musicians to show off what they learned from the biggest songs circa 2000-2005.

Alexander Saint is one such songwriter whose debut single, “The Light”, is warm and nostalgic, crafty with harmony and laden with soulful musings – and inexplicably reminiscent of the year 2002. Perhaps it’s in the drama of the strings, or the spaciousness of the rhythm section. I can’t put my finger on what sends me spiralling back eighteen years, but “The Light” is an immensely enjoyable listen despite my looming existential crisis…

“I can tell you I’ve been searching for the light for a long time, in a lot of wrong places. This is about taking the power back from those who hold it, the constant fight within ourselves and what we perceive as true.”

This single’s story is written from experience; from the heart. Alexander’s rousing message rallies the troops against a sense of burgeoning darkness, referencing his own fight for justice and peace to write lyrics that stick with the listener long after the track is done playing. “As a Mixed-Black man, the light for me has been negotiating that feeling of being in between worlds, searching for my own power within, and not letting others dictate who I am, or where I belong,” Alexander explains.

“The Light” is an undeniably stunning first release from a songwriter whose future looks bright enough to shed a little light on all of us. Be sure to listen for a little boost of positivity to your day, and support Alexander by showing him some love on the links below.

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