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Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew releases new single “Get Out Alive”.

Young Alex Frew didn’t hang around – already signed to Warner Music Canada at the tender age of eighteen, this Canadian singer-songwriter’s debut release is set to make plenty of waves. “Get Out Alive” makes an assured entrance into the world of ’emo-pop’, and could sit quite happily in a playlist next to some of Lauv’s, The 1975’s and Khalid’s biggest hits.

“[The song was inspired by] feelings on love lost, emotions still being processed and the uncertainty that comes with navigating each desire…”

Alex may be singing with a lump in his throat, but he voices his story loud and clear in this new release. Stark emotion and an essence of desperation are apparent though his smooth vocal delivery, whilst a jaggedy beat plays on erratically behind him, perhaps representative of the conflicting feelings he describes with in his confessional lyrics.

The teenage angst is strong in this one! I don’t know about you, but even in my mid-twenties I can still related to Alex’s want for alone time battling against the need to be adored. His end-of-the-world attitude is accessible to us all, and is likely to take you back to days of melodrama yore – the hooks are addictive and the melodies are great fun, making “Get Out Alive” one of the hottest songs of London’s heatwave.

If you love Alex’s music Frew and Frew (sorry, I had to…), show him some love on the links below. There’s more to come from this talented young songwriter…

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