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Neo-soul artists Mosiah Levi and BaggE collaborate on mellifluous single 'Rest'.

'Rest', a single taken from Mosiah Levi's latest EP headspace, is made for lazy Sunday afternoons. Inspired by a Frank Ocean lyric - "man, I don't really mess with [love] no more, Jasmine really wrecked my heart" - Mosiah Levi's collaboration with BaggE presents a smooth lament of all things romantic.

We spoke with Mosiah Levi on his inspirations, collaborations and more...

SC: Hey Mosiah Levi, how’s life treating you?

ML: I’m great, same old same old! Writing songs, working for the man etc yano.

SC: How has the past year been for you? Anything in particular that you’ve learned, or that has surprised you?

ML: The past year for me has been great, I feel like I’ve learned so much in terms of song writing and music in general. Not sure why but music has really started clicking for me and I’m feeling great about how its going. Don’t get me wrong I still think I have a lot to learn but if I’ll stop learning when I’m dead.

SC: How did your collaboration with BaggE come about?

ML: She found my song ‘Angel’ on instagram and messaged me saying she loved it and would love to make a song together. I had ‘rest’ in the works and thought she’d sound great on it so I sent it over and she loved it. We actually met for the first time when we did a live session together for BBC introducing Suffolk which was cute.

SC: You mention you’re from Bury St. Edmunds - how do you think this spot of the UK has affected your music?

ML: I think my music is fairly chill, which probably makes sense given my town is pretty slow and surrounded by a lot of fields. I never understand how people can live here and make angry music (joke).

SC: What did the process for the writing and production of ‘Rest’ look like from start to finish?

ML: So I wrote the guitar line about a year ago, and I just kept saying to myself ‘not yet’. And eventually in November I figured it was time to record it. And then I finished the song the same week. I do that a lot, have an idea and let my brain think about it for a while and then record it. Production wise it was a fairly simple one, only 2 guitars and 2 vocals, it just took a while to get it sounding as dreamy as I wanted.

SC: What are three things your sound and aesthetic are inspired by the most?

ML: Honestly where I live is so beautiful I think that’s a big part of it, I just wanna make music that sounds as nice as the views are. I love Jazz music so I always try to make my chord progressions as interesting as possible while being palatable to my pop loving heart. I also really love country music and I think that shines through in the guitar parts in rest. If you listen closely you can hear the harmonised guitar bends which is a massive country thing.

SC: Who are your biggest musical influences, and how do you think these artists have shaped your sound?

ML: John Mayer - His guitar playing is inspiring. Taught me just because something is simple doesn’t mean its bad.

Gregory Porter - Taught me I don’t need to sing high for it to sound good, we’re basses, and that’s ok. Also his songwriting is unbelievable.

Dolly Parton - She’s just cool as heck and I wanna be her. (Country music is criminally underrated)

SC: If you could write a song with anybody, dead or alive, who’d you choose?

ML: Oof hard question, maybe Jeff Buckley?

SC: Finally, we LOVE ‘Rest’ and we want some more! Do you have any new music being released in the near future?

ML: Thanks so much! I had an EP out on the 30th July with two new songs and I have a lot more music to come after that as well. Country album coming in 2022.

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