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Interview: Gabrielle Ornate - Do You Feel?

Scary Canary discusses the rousing new psych-indie single from Hertfordshire's Gabrielle Ornate.

Gabrielle Ornate casts light and shadow in equal measures with her mystic second single, "Do You Feel?". Soaring vocals, strange sound effects and chiming synths make for a glorious wall of sound that makes you feel as though she's struck you round the head with some kind of cosmic baseball bat. I'm seeing stars!

We spoke with Gabrielle about existentialism, surrealism and Paul McCartney - and everything in between...

SC: Hey Gabrielle, how’s life treating you?

GO: Hi Marnie :) Life’s been positive this year as I’ve really honed in on my artistry. I’m keeping my head up and allowing the creative energy to seep in. Excited for what’s to come in the future!

SC: Let’s get the standard pandemic question out the way first - how has the past year been for you? Anything in particular that you’ve learned, or that has surprised you?

GO: This past year has felt like a bit of a personal revolution – I’ve delved so deeply into myself and brought Gabrielle Ornate up from the depths.

SC: Gabrielle Ornate is a really nice name, rolls off the tongue! How did you decide on this as your pseudonym?

GO: Well I wanted to come up with a pseudonym that represented my eclectic kookiness; something that showcased me as a bohemian artefact.

SC: “Do You Feel?” is the second single you’ve released under this project. What do you feel it represents?

GO: ‘Do You Feel?’ is a fiery number that has a lot to say about the world at present; a mixture of existentialism and introspective passion let loose.

SC: What does the writing process usually look like for you, and did the process for “Do You Feel?” follow suit?

GO: To be honest, my writing process changes depending on the song and what I feel I have to say. It’s like completing a jigsaw puzzle - sometimes the pieces find their counterparts easily but, other times, it takes longer to fit everything together.

SC: What are three things your sound and aesthetic are inspired by the most?

GO: 1. Surrealism and fantasy - I’ve always been drawn to fictional worlds such as Frank Baum’s Oz and Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland; I’ve found myself getting lost as I’d visit these places in my mind.

2. The Pre-Raphaelites - I resonate with the bohemian aesthetic of the women pictured in Pre-Raphaelite artwork however, I seek to take the male vision of passive womanhood and turn it on its head.

3. Soundscapes - I love groups such as Boards of Canada, Cluster and Harmonia and aim to incorporate rich walls of sound within my work.

SC: Who are your biggest musical influences, and how do you think these artists have shaped your sound?

GO: Off the top of my head: Talking Heads, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Brittany Howard. My sound is shaped by everything I’ve absorbed in my conscious and subconscious…

SC: If you could write a song with anybody, dead or alive, who’d you choose?

GO: Definitely Paul McCartney; he’s the GOAT!

SC: Finally, we LOVE “Do You Feel?” and we want some more! Do you have any new music being released in the near future?

GO: I’ve got a few tracks up my sleeve (with the next one being released in August). Amping it up one song at a time – watch this space!

If you love "Do You Feel?", please do stick around for Gabrielle Ornate's August single. You won't want to miss it!

For the time being, show your support by streaming and downloading the track (it's also available on Bandcamp), and following Gabrielle on social media:

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