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AIS - Freedom

Dublin contemporary soul artist AIS releases single 'Freedom', as well as an EP of the same name today.

In the stirring track, AIS overcomes Covid-induced anxiety and sets her mind free, never to take her freedom for granted ever again. If you're looking for a sign that you're not alone, this is it.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'.

Perfect for: getting out into the post-pandemic world.

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Mia Yermeche - Comfortable

The easygoing new single 'Comfortable' from Dublin R&B artist Mia Yermeche encourages a friend to abandon a toxic relationship.

Based on personal experience, Yermeche speaks the truth with no holds barred, her thought-provoking lyrics set against smooth beats. If you're noticing a few red flags, let Mia talk you out of a potentially disastrous situation...

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Perfect for: a girls night in

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Greg Bounce - Can I Now Feel?

This is not Greg's first appearance on the Scary Canary blog, and it sure as eggs won't be his last.

The Lisbon-based indie-pop artist's new single is funky, laid-back, and feel-good. Written about embracing the unknown (and also a bit about hiking), Greg explores freedom both in life and in a creative sense, using textural synths and layers of vocal harmonies to convey his message.

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Perfect for: Sunday morning breakfast

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Pangolin People - Take What You Need

Jangly guitars and languid vocals make up this psychedelic track by Belgian songwriter and producer Pangolin People.

'Take What You Need' is gentle and soothing, making it the perfect soundtrack for some weekend R'n'R. Pangolin People have found the perfect formula for fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra who crave something more easygoing.

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Perfect for: a decompression session

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Olivia Rubini - Be Well (B-side)

The Philadelphia indie-pop artist revisits a release from her yesteryears and reinvents it with a soulful groove.

This new version of 'Be Well' is reminiscent of 90s indie-pop sensations like The Sundays and Morcheeba, keeping its original sass and of course, Rubini's trademark vocal. If you're on the path to self-actualisation, this one is for you.

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Perfect for: sunny Autumnal strolls

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Laura Dia - What Now

Laura Dia's debut release 'What Now' showcases her natural abilities as a songwriter, producer and performer.

The multitalented artist uses R&B, Hip Hop and Soul influences to create a distinctive sound that will appeal to fans of H.E.R. and Blood Orange. Beautiful harmonies layer to create a pervasive feeling of disorientation after lost love.

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Perfect for: lonely evenings with a glass of wine

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The Lighthouse - 5th Floor

The Lighthouse's mission statement is to create 'songs that sound like Fridays' - well, what better time to test this theme than on a Friday? I can confirm, this song sounds like today.

All this Belgian quartet have to do is describe their hotel room, and BAM! Banger. Upbeat, fun, and carefree - what's not to like? To be fair, it sounds like a nice balcony they've got...

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Perfect for: looking at candyfloss with mates.

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Rival Karma - Jesus Is From Chico

Time to break up the chill train with Rival Karma's noisy new release, 'Jesus Is From Chico'.

The London-based duo takes a deep dive into the ups and downs of their touring career in this freight train of a track, which is named not after the big man himself, but after a chap called Jesus who put the duo up for a night in Chico, CA. Remember, kids, Jesus loves you.

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Perfect for: angry tour managers.

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Galaxy Thief - Free

I would like to thank Galaxy Thief for providing me with a strong coffee in the form of song - turns out writing nine music reviews at 7am is enough to send a blogger doolally.

Galaxy Thief's epic sound is reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars circa 2009. Huge, uplifting hooks and gang vocals make you feel like you might take flight! I suppose that explains the artwork...

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'

Perfect for: Some Friday morning motivation

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