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FRIDAY FINDS || 31.07.2020

Ah, fuck it.

Tomorrow’s August already? Looks like I’ve tried to halt the hands of time this week with some old school Americana and Folk sounds, courtesy of the wonderful artists listed below. I’m not sure how effective a coping mechanism time-travel is, but these songs surely have healing qualities which I was desperate to share with those also wondering where the year has gone.

Pop these in your Friday BBQ playlists and give the artists a follow if you’re picking up what they’re putting down…

Le Ren – “The Day I Lose My Mind”

This single comes as one-quarter of a brand new EP, the rest of which I’ll be making my way through today – I’m disappointed I didn’t find Le Ren sooner. The gentle swing of “The Day I Lose My Mind” will lull you into a sun-blushed stupor as Le Ren arms herself with pedal steel and saloon bar piano behind those wistful lyrics and lush harmonies.

Aaah, Bisto.

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Yves Jarvis – “For Props”

Feather-light vocals with lush harmonies characterise Yves Jarvis’ sound, paired with folky guitars and a strong bassline in his new single “For Props”. Keep an ear out for a very satisfyingly smooth transition to a pensive B section at around three minutes, and tune into Yves’ poetic lyrics while you’re at it – all these details make for a fascinating listen, that is, if you’re not preoccupied being completely blissed out.

Check out B-side “Victim” too…

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Props – “Easy”

“Easy” is one for when the BBQ drinks inevitably go awry tonight, with its chant-along hooks and upbeat indie-pop sensibility. Check out those space-age arpeggiated synths, too. My favourite lyric is, “if I’m gone, I’m going through the ceiling”; yell it out loud and watch the party hit the roof.

It’s all about top-down economics, apparently. Fuck the man!

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James Ethington III – Rheacycle EP

With easily the poshest name in the alternative-acoustic scene, you might not expect James Ethington III to be quite so down-to-earth in his writing. The healing qualities of music have helped this artist to emerge from darker times, the fruits of his recent labour taking shape in this five-track EP. Single “Becca” shows off James’ confessional lyrical style and pleasingly raspy vocal tones, and you’ll want to queue the entire EP up for your sunny weekend brunches…

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girlpuppy – “Cheerleader”

This is a brand new discovery, fresh from today’s fervent pre-coffee search for ear-catching singles from artist projects still ‘wet behind the ears’, so to speak. “Cheerleader” is a folky sad-pop confessional from girlpuppy that went straight onto my new music playlist, and should also be added to yours posthaste. Languid vocals drift over sparkly guitars for a very tasty shoegazey-acousticy-floaty-dreampop sort of sound – yeah, you’ll just have to listen…

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