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FRIDAY FINDS: 26-11-2021

Another hefty one for only the most dedicated of new music fans...

John Love - We Still Have More To Do

This feels like Sigur Ros, but in a language I understand - 'We Still Have More To Do' is a beautiful arrangement of ethereal sounds by John Love, Charlie Brooks, and Colette J. Beckwith.

Written to provide comfort to those grieving the loss of someone they love, the story behind the song is touching indeed, dedicated to the memory of John's friend and mentor, Ken.

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Perfect for: when you need a nice warm hug

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Penelope Pettigrew - FUCK BOI

Sydney singer-songwriter Penelope Pettigrew is all about liberation, and since discovering her bisexuality, has truly been living her best life!

That's why she has no time for 'fuck bois' in this empowering and gritty anthem, penned as the result of a breakup during the pandemic. Having found her niche in music, Penelope is primed and ready to take over the world.

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Perfect for: post-breakup general aggression

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Guy Moses - Take Me Back

Tel Aviv producer Guy Moses collaborates with vocalists Sergio Braams and Maya Johanna on this abstract new single 'Take Me Back'.

Synths rumble alongside trip-hop style drums in this single that speaks of the concept of home. It's dark, it's powerful, and it's extraordinarily unusual - if you're up for trying something new today, let this track be it!

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Perfect for: branching out into the unknown

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Little Fuss - Dear Aria

Indie-pop duo Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden bonded over music and writing bad screenplays when they met studying in Spain, and the rest is history...

The pair have now set up shop in Boston, with 'Dear Aria' being their first release which was DIY from start to finish. This track may discuss miscommunication, but I hear 'em loud and clear!

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Perfect for: listening whilst on a city stroll.

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Chibundu Onuzo - Mama

The name Chibundu Onuzo may ring a few bells - already an established and well-loved author, she has made the leap of faith into music, pursuing her lifelong passion in the process.

'Mama' is a stirring, yet sombre, commentary on the state of our world. Chibundu wrote the piano ballad during lockdown, whilst reflecting on a dark time for humanity.

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Perfect for: questioning your life choices 🤕

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Julia Lostrom - Walk Away

Greek-born, Zambian-raised, and Melbourne-based (🤯) artist Julia Lostrom channels her diverse upbringing through smooth R&B beats, combined with hints of electronica.

'Walk Away' is Julia's new single based on breaking out of old routines that no longer serve you, and the many conflicting emotions that can come alongside the change. Banger!

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Perfect for: giving yourself a pep-talk

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PAGES. - Black and Blue

Announcing itself with a bone-chilling scream, PAGES.' new single 'Black and Blue' takes no prisoners.

The Scottish indie-rock trio's sound is influenced by Royal Blood and Muse, making for a punchy and energised feel. 'Black and Blue' calls into question the consequences of our actions - but debauchery never sounded cooler...

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Perfect for: general misbehaviour

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Muscular - Demons

Ilmari Aitoaho doesn't waste any time getting to the point - with no time for intros, his new electronic single 'Demons' immediately drops in a catchy vocal with a bouncing beat.

The finnish pianist has built his sound on musical legends Herbie Hancock, Prince, and Vulfpeck, taking electro-pop, soul, and funk and blending it all into one smooth concoction.

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Perfect for: weekend pre-drinks

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Chrissie Huntley - Groundhog Day

Chrissie Huntley got creative when the pandemic hit, using her newfound free time to build a home studio in her closet. (Where did her clothes live?)

But by the time the third UK lockdown came around, Chrissie found herself bored. To remedy this, she made extensive to-do lists, keeping her occupied until she checked off the final box - then back to boredom it was. Hence, 'Groundhog Day'!

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Perfect for: ironically, writing to-do lists...

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Addezine - Through My Hands

Tom Edden takes pride in doing pretty much everything himself, from the inception of the song right through to polishing the production.

His R&B-influenced take on indie has earned him BBC Introducing's love (in addition to the love of many fans), with his signature touch being a sunny sense of naïvity - perhaps a side-effect of his South East London accent!

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Perfect for: reminiscing about the summer ☀️

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Anna Baldree - Try Again

What a debut! Anna Baldree's first single draws upon influences like Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy, with grungy guitar sounds and lyrics that are so upfront, they're almost confrontational.

Don't be surprised to hear Anna's butter-wouldn't-melt vocal tone cropping up on your TikTok For You page sometime soon; I can imagine this artist really striking a chord with the Gen Zs.

Discover on 'Indie Rising' and 'Top of the Bops'.

Perfect for: when you wanna be sad on purpose

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